To ensure our guests' satisfaction, we provide several services and facilities during your stay.
Enjoy our products from the Food Market, have a seat in our comfortable lounge or workout in our fitness room!

Food Market

Our Food Market is situated in a central part of our hotel. The Food Market supplies a diverse range of products, including breakfast, main and side dishes and several home care products. Our assortment is inspired and based on high quality products and innovation; therefore allowing you to purchase our carefully selected products at our self-scan interface any time of the day.

Next to the Food Market you can get through your to-do list in our work and seating area or sit back and relax in our comfortable lounge.

Discover our Food Market




Opposite the Food Market we have designed a special work and seating area for our guests to enjoy your coffee or snack while doing business.

In the adjacent lounge we welcome you to have a seat and enjoy your drink or dish in a comfortable atmosphere. These areas are modern and stylish and especially homely furnished and provide free Wi-Fi for our guests.

Laundry Room

Every floor features a laundry room for the convenience of our guests. Guests are welcome to use the washing machines and other laundry facilities such as the irons and shelves during their stay.

Extensive Cleaning Package
Twice a week we provide linen service. With this free service we will provide you with fresh towels after three days and after six nights we will provide a complete cleaning, at which time the bed linen is replaced. An Extensive Cleaning Package is also available for guests who require to have a more intensive cleaning. This extra service can be requested at one of our hosts or prior to your arrival.

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Fitness 'Daily Work Out'

Our guests have free access to our exercise facilities in our fitness ‘Daily Work Out’. Our fitness centre offers all the equipment you need to keep your mind and body in shape. Our 'Daily Work Out' provides among others 2 treadmils, 2 home trainers, a cross trainer, rowing machine and kettlebells and a multistation for strength training. Our fitness centre is open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Non-hotel guests are more than welcome also.

Prices for non-hotel guests: € 7.50 per session | € 39.50 per month | € 29.50 per month based on 12 months

Game room

As a hotel guest you can use our billiard table in the game room while enjoying music from our jukebox.

Self service

Our Food Market is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Therefore you are able to purchase your desired products at our self-scan purchase interface any time of the day. If you have any questions, one of our hosts would be delighted to assist you. 

In the Food Market you are most welcome to use the oven and grill, so you are able to prepare your products as for example panini's, toasts and sandwiches. 

Taxi service

Amrâth Apart-Hotel Schiphol Badhoevedoup can arrange a paid taxi service from and to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for an additional fee on request. If you would like to use this shuttle service, we kindly ask you to make a reservation prior to your arrival. 

Onsite monitored parking
Based on availability, you can park your car at our spacious and monitored parking lot at a € 2,50 fee per day. If you would like to reserve a parking space, we kindly ask you to make a reservation as well.